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How to build a successful web project?

Where to start? What CMS to choose? How to boost Internet project?


First of all need ideas and need a very good idea to attract the target audience of competitors, or to come up with something very original. Everything must be very careful analysis, thought, idea or a really successful, evaluate the implementation of the idea of ​​the costs and the benefits that can carry the project. Assess the competitive disadvantages of the projects, how to think ahead of your competitors.

Domain - Web site address

It is important to choose the right project in the free domain. Website domain name choice is just as important as the idea of the site. When choosing a domain should pay attention to what the market is oriented to the project, based on the theme, by country (. Com,.. Eu com, etc.). Domain should be simple, easy to remember number. Try to choose a shorter name. If possible, avoid the use of the domain non latin letters. Consult with experts.

Web site design

Design - site must be primarily attractive to visitors, but not owners. Of project goals, objectives and priorities, and the decision to leave the visual professionals. The more time spent in life and the people involved in the examination, criticism and adjustment of project design, the design may become worse. If the project budget is limited, you should avoid flash animation or visualization, which often does not provide any value, and sometimes damaging situation, for example.: The information contained in the flash animation is not accessible to search engine robots.

Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is a tool for information. CMS particularly true for projects with up to date information. Before designing a project to try to detail the functionality of any professionals you need. Choosing a CMS is an important difference is the nature of the Internet site. Eg.: If it is simply a blog that jum enough free CMS solutions, which is not too difficult to install. Currently, CMS is a great choice (from the precious, such as Microsoft CMS and free, for example. Joomla). But even with the best (or most expensive), CMS, website will not be successful - the most important is the content (both text and graphics) and functionality. It is important to keep your site visitors get the most recent information, so Jum constant need to update the site and various news articles. Keep in mind that the information on a site continuously monitors the search engine robots, so that the information you provide and the results of search engines.


The project must be compatible with most popular browsers. Website developers are sometimes difficult to sureinti site with all the browsers, while maintaining the validate (true, atitinkatį W3C standards) code. Because the browser developers are often easier to introduce your work yourself or have different interpretations of the world standards, web developers this is a very difficult job. But if it works correctly with only one or for a few browsers, you can lose some traffic.

Website hosting

The most important criteria for reliability, stability, support and development opportunities. The choice must take into account the requirements of CMS, the server is installed with all necessary software. Consult with the promoter.

Internet Advertisement

Opportunities to publicize the project is very much, but that the advertisement would be reasonably efficient allocation of funds for advertising. There are ways to advertise and free (reference publication online catalogs, ads, websites and social networks, participation in discussions. Exchange links with our partners, sending newsletters), but it takes a long time, and such advertising may not always be effective.
Expensive expensive advertising would probably be no traditional advertising in cyberspace, such advertising is not really very effective, because there is no possibility of simply clicking on the link to get to the advertised web site.
Would probably be the most effective advertising banner hosting websites with high traffic flow, but it is quite expensive.

SEO - search engine optimization

This process, which aims to organize a Web page so that it would be found in the first pages of search engines. Properly done search engine optimization, website traffic increase to several or even dozens of times, and it provides free, long-term targeted traffic.

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