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What is e-commerce? What e-commerce goals? Why e-commerce is good?

What is e-commerce?

New technology and especially computer and internet has very high potential for successful development work. As one of them can distinguish electronic commerce. E-commerce and e-business - the recent passage of the circulation periods. Every day we hear stories about the Internet company's success. Electronic commerce is defined as a form of trade relations and in which the parties interact electronically through the use of information technology. Electronic commerce can involve a variety of information movement and interaction spheres. To see the wide range of electronic means of access, it is useful to look at e-commerce in several ways. Thus, by electronically communicating party e-commerce can be divided into the following categories: business - business (B2B), business - consumer (B2C), consumer - the consumer (C2C).
E-komercjos Examples - electronic shops, auctions, classifieds, selling virtual goods, services using Internet technologies, online activities (games, lotteries)

E-commerce targets

E-commerce is - the use of Internet technologies to improve and expand the business. In order to achieve e-mail. business should be used for reliable hardware and software. Consultations with specialists.

Why e-commerce is good?

Fast and accurate communication with employees, customers, partners and investors. Greater choice of goods and services. Lower prices. Products and services to adapt themselves. Saving resources. Reduced costs. Convenient and efficient customer service. Convenient transportation and supply system. Improved corporate information system.

Why it's not as good as expected?

Solutions and systems are not always compatible. Companies do not want to discontinue use of their existing systems and be used for new e-commerce systems. Design and development costs. Need to consider not only the design and development funds, but also to further support and systems development costs. Need to maintain an electronic data exchange standard. New e-commerce systems must support a standard that is used to secure the business and financial data exchange between business partners. Numerous payment standards impede e-commerce systems design.

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