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Business Management System easydocmanager features

Business Management System easydocmanager functions, access control systems


Task module allows you to create tasks and plan their work time. The system is a constant reminder of overdue tasks. Managers can allocate tasks to workers and monitor the progress of work.

  • Work, task scheduling
  • Allocation of tasks to employers
  • Tasks, performance report, the execution time, etc.
  • Employee's employment monitoring


  • Create a memo 
  • Sending the e-mail at a specified time
  • Calendar

Projects management

  • Project Development
  • Split parts of the project
  • Parts of the attribution of the project as a task for employers
  • Project progress monitoring

Contacts management

Client module to collect, organize and analyze information on existing and potential customers.

  • Accumulation of contacts, contact information management
  • Details of the actions carried out with customers and partners
  • Communication history: queries, suggestions, shopping, etc.
  • Quick search the database according to various criteria
  • Sending e-mail messages from the system
  • Sending commercial proposal
  • Advance billing
  • Sending invoices

Contact requests

  • Requests recording system
  • Requests recording from external systems
  • Answers to requests directly from system

Commercial offers

  • Developing a proposal, based on the template
  • Proposal for a breakdown of the individual goods or services (goods and services can be preserved in order to avoid re-entry)
  • Breakdown of the implementation of the proposal stages (stages of progress can be saved, that we need no re-entry)
  • Automatic estimates the amount of calculation, indicating the amount of VAT discount
  • Commercial proposal generation and PDF downloads
  • The proposal (PDF) Send e-mail
  • Project development of a commercial offer copying data

Advances account and invoices

Multi-touch buttons made ​​out an invoice and mail it to the client in PDF format directly from the CRM system. You will no longer interfere with an accountant to fill in customer details, and VAT calculator to calculate the final invoice amount and invoice amount to rewrite the words - all of this can be done for business management systems easydocmanager assistance.
It is also fast, without the intervention of an accountant, you can view invoices, see their latency. The invoices for your customers to remind the system automatically.

  • Creating invoices
  • Automatically generated numbering
  • Product and / or service auto refill
  • Price calculator showing the amount of VAT
  • Account Generation in PDF format
  • Account (PDF) Send e-mail
  • Advances account conversion of invoice

Cost management

Cost Management module designed to receive your invoices for accounting purposes. Convenient document attachment system that will allow you to pull out an invoice directly from the CRM, as well as not need to translate the binder to find a paper invoice.

Document management

  • Products and services list
  • Files/documents

Sending newsletters

  • Newsletter e-mail templates
  • E-mail addresses import from any format text files
  • E-mail address grouping
  • Newsletter sending the specified time, your choice. mailing segment
  • Newsletter sent to report real-time monitoring

Personal system area

  • Private messages, correspondence with colleagues through the system
  • Personal settings
  • Setting the access rights of employees

Employers system rights

  • Privileges to certain system partition.
  • Privileges to perform certain actions.


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