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SEO - Search engine optimization

Information on website should not only please the users, but also for search engines

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - a process which aims to organize a Web page so that it would be found in the first pages of search engines. Properly done search engine optimization, website traffic increase to several or even dozens of times, and it provides free, long-term targeted traffic.

Positions in search engines underlying factors

High positions in search engines are a number of criteria:
"Important" keyword competitiveness.
Site search engine rankings.
"Correct" amount of links from other sites. Links must be direct, without any redirects to other sites (redirect). Links must be "understood" the search engines, ie does not create a flash banner technology. Gives a significant effect if accompanied with a link "important" keywords and if the link is placed "important" key words in the theme site.
Optimized for the website content under the "important" keywords. "Important" keywords in the appropriate use of the website source ((X) HTML) in certain tags (<title>, <h1>, <h2>, etc.), as well as the address line (URL) of the "important" keyword repetition frequency website.
Search engines "like" frequently updating the website information.

Web site search engine optimization to be performed

The most relevant keywords and Analysis.
Competitor analysis - the factors leading to competitors' sites high positions in search engines.
Web site content optimization - logical keywords in page content.
Technical conversion of the site - the site code (x) HTML optimization, the proper use of eminent
Registration in search engines and directories
Links System

Search engine optimization can be more effective tool than Internet advertising. As a long-term guarantee of the target audience in traffic.

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